Copy of actual DWP twitter complaint against @UKJCP

“The following was sent to Twitter in January 2014.   –

== Reported Account Information ==
Reported user: @ukjcp
== How is the account impersonating you? ==
Using the full name, common name, or legal alias of the impersonated
• in Tweets
• URL:

== Additional Information ==


== Company Information ==
Company name: DWP
Company Twitter username: @dwpgovuk
Company address: Caxton house, Tothill street, london
Company city, state/province, and postal code: SW1H 9NA
Company country: uk
Company website:”

This complaint was raised under Twitter’s ‘impersonation’ policy, it remains unclear whether a tweet containing parody/satire falls under this policy. Whilst Twitter suspended the account on 28/1/14, this suspension was removed on 8/2/14 without any precise reason being given. At no time has Twitter requested any @UKJCP Tweet(s) the DWP complained about be removed.

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In 2013 the DWP also sought silence @UKJCP criticism by taking out a knowingly false Trade Mark (TM) dispute via Twitter. There is and never has been a UK Trade Mark relating to “UKJCP” or “JCP”. This TM submission also stated that the DWP want to own @UKJCP.

“Account username

Describe the confusion with your trademark. For more information see our Trademark Policy.
Jobcentre Plus is the UK government agency responsible for helping the unemployed find work, and payment of social security/welfare benefits (UK equivalent to US Department of Labor). Each of our 750 Jobcentres has a local Twitter account to promote vacancies and initiatives to the unemployed (such as @boltonjcp).

The @UKJCP account has been set up with deliberate and malicious intent to devalue and criticise the work of Jobcentre Plus. In addition, there are a number of rude and potentially libelous tweets aimed at UK government, elected politicians and the heads of large private sector organisations who are committed to working with government on reducing unemployment.

Usage:  Our company [DWP] would like to use this username on Twitter ”

Notes: Instead of using “RT” (retweet) the prefix “MT” (Modified Tweet) could have been used. @UKJCP introduced the Twitter message prefix “PT” (Parody Tweet) to make it even more obvious tweets the DWP did not write.

Satire “the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues:”